Horseback trails

Horseback trails in the Swietokrzyskie region
– Mostki close to Skarzysko-Kamienna

If you would like to feel like a hero from Henryk Sienkiewicz’s books, riding through the thick forests on the back of your steady companion, then this is a right place for you. With us you can experience incredible journey through the forests undisturbed by men in one of the most mysterious regions of Poland. Ignacowka Center is close to the Main Tourist Trail of Horse Riding PTTK which is 350 km long  neighbouring with the Area Nature 2000.

Swietokrzyskie Mountains are the oldest mountains in Poland (and one of the few in Europe). No wonder there was a lot of geological discoveries here. This region is full of unique geological formations (stone runs and mushroom rocks – in the Piekło Nieklanskie Reserve) and empty picturesque mines. You can also see the footprints of the prehistoric animals that lived in the area many million years ago.

There are nature and geological reserves, woodlands and nature’s monuments, waiting for you to discover.. You can visit the famous 7000 years old Bartek Oak Tree. There are many wild animals in the forests (deer, elk, moose, hare and fox) as well as a vast array of protected species of plants. 

One of the attractions of historical value is the magical and mysterious Lysa Gora (the Bold Mountain) – once a place of the pagan worship of our ancient ancestors and today the most popular monastery in Poland. You can see the relics of the Holy Cross brought there by the Prince Emeryk during the rule of king Boleslaw Chrobry.

Horse Trails in Świętokrzyskie Mountains